Set Up Your Own Fundraiser

Whether you have stayed at a Ronald McDonald House or you simply want to share your blessings with others, we have a simple way for you to help others by fundraising for RMH.

Gifts may be tied to a special occasion (birthday, wedding), an event (5K, lemonade stand) or made as a tribute (in memory of).

It’s simple to set up a personal fundraising page:


Create your account

  • Go to
  • Click the black box “Become a Fundraiser”
  • Enter e-mail address and password to create and account; click “Next”
  • Enter your first and last names; click “Sign Up”


Set up your event & goal

In this form enter…

  • Your page title (what friends will see when they open your link)
  • Your personal fund-raising goal (this ties in to the total goal on the campaign page)
  • Custom URL for your page
  • Click “Save & Finish”
    (Our page opens with a 3-step tour; take the tour or close the dialog box)


“Personalize your Story”


“Share It!” with your friends, family and others

Other Ways to Give

Make Fun Matter

A simple way for you to create your own fundraiser.

Pop Tab Collections

Little things can make a big difference.

Vehicle Donations

Donate your vehicle and help us help families.

Wish List

We rely on our generous community to donate everyday household supplies.

Change Collections

Help collect pennies, nickels and dimes for our Day of Change and all year round.