Room Adoptions & Renovations

Be an Adopt-a-Room sponsor

By adopting a room at the Durham House and paying families’ portion of their stay, you give parents the ability to focus on the most important thing – the health of their child.

It costs nearly $100 per night to operate each of the 55 rooms at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. Families who stay at the Durham House are encouraged to pay $10 for each night spent in a bedroom or $15 a night for one of our larger, long-term family suites.

Adopt-a-Room sponsors provide a “home-away-from-home” at one of the following sponsorship levels:

  • $3,650 provides a year of short-term stays in a bedroom with a shared bathroom, or
  • $5,475 provides a year of long-term stays in a suite for families with children who are receiving ongoing medical support, such as after a transplant or during cancer treatments.

Some groups enjoy a hands-on activity to accompany their giving. Rooms need redecorating or renovating regularly as they experience a significant amount of wear and tear due to the high number of families we serve. Groups and sponsors redecorating a room pay redecorating costs. These costs are separate from the sponsorship amount.

If interested, our team will work with you to match you with a room that meets your time and cost parameters. Groups redecorating rooms and suites typically remove existing wallpaper borders, repaint and replace all bedding. Accessories and furniture may be replaced or repainted. If desired, groups or individuals without volunteers may donate the funding to have a room redecorated.

Sponsor Benefits

As an Adopt-A-Room sponsor, you will receive the following benefits for 12 months from the time of your gift:

  • A recognition plaque by the door of your adopted room
  • Recognition in our newsletter or annual report
  • Opportunity to decorate your adopted room
  • First right of renewal on your adopted room
  • Use of our logo in your company’s publications

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