Ronald McDonald Houses

No one should face their child’s illness alone, especially when they are far away from home.

Leading hospitals know that when kids are sick, they need the love and support of their families. But for parents who spend days, weeks or even months in the hospital with a sick or injured child, stress and lack of sleep can cause depression and fatigue.

If a family has traveled from out of town, they have the added worry of hotel costs. Ultimately, emotional, physical and financial pressures all take attention and time away from their child.

This is where RMH steps in. We support moms and dads so they can be calm and rested while focusing on the most important thing of all: their child.

Since 1980, RMH has strengthened parents’ ability to cope as they face their child’s illness and hospitalization. We reduce financial and emotional stress for families. But most importantly, we keep families close when their child needs them most.

Ronald McDonald House of Durham

506 Alexander Avenue
Durham, NC 27705

(919) 286-9305

Ronald McDonald House at WakeMed

Located in WakeMed Hospital’s Heart Center Inn
3000 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27610

(919) 948-9877

Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms

Children need to be surrounded by the people who love them most… especially when they are sick.

By design, Family Rooms are located just steps from a child’s bedside in the hospital. We know that parents want to be close to their child but sometimes need a moment to regroup.

Run by caring volunteers, Family Rooms offer small meals, snacks and drinks for caregivers. With comfortable and quiet spaces to relax, the Family Rooms are a place of refuge within the hospital.

Studies show that children cope better when their family is close by. In addition to emotional support, staying close improves communication between caregivers and the medical team and enables families to better prepare for taking care of their child when they return home.


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